Oral Argument in State of Maryland v. Adnan Syed:

My Impressions

I wanted to get this out sooner, but I’ve been swamped with my own cases.  By now, much has already been written and discussed regarding oral argument in State v. Syed.  Journalists published their articles that day and you can now purchase an audio of the arguments from the Court of Special Appeals and draw your own conclusions. So, I’ll try and narrow my focus a bit.  This was my first trip to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals where I was simply a spectator.  I’m not a journalist and I’m not disinterested.  I’m a criminal defense attorney who handles post convictions and appeals. On the occasions when I find myself at 361 Rowe Boulevard, I’m fully immersed in my client’s issues and pay little heed to the rest of what’s going on around me.  Last Thursday, I arrived as an interested observer and these are my impressions based on my notes.  I did not re-listen to the arguments after the hearing.