Rolling Stone Covers Latest Developments in Adnan Syed

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with journalist Amelia McDonell-Perry about the Adnan Syed case.  Here is her coverage in Rolling Stone on the latest developments in the case.

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2 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Covers Latest Developments in Adnan Syed

  1. Hello Erica

    I always enjoy the way you get to the crux of what is important and explain the legalities in basic language, so I was really pleased to see your comments in RS.

    Wrt the two sisters who have now come forward stating that Asia was prepared to lie for Adnan, isn’t this issue without merit unless Christina Gutierrez was aware of them? I thought that the main strength of Asia’s evidence in relation to ineffective cousel was the fact that nobody contacted her or checked whether she was correct or not.

    Thank you for answering my previous questions.

    • Thanks Becky. I would expect that the State is trying to argue is that if the case were sent back down on the alibi issue in motion to reopen status (as opposed to retrial), that the State could demonstrate that there was no prejudice resulting from the failure to put on the alibi because if the defense did, the State could put on these two alleged witnesses who would testify that Asia is lying. It’s an absurd position from a procedural standpoint. If the State has two witnesses that will impeach the alibi, the proper place to hear them is on retrial not in a hearing on a Motion to Reopen.